Best Garbage Cans for School Spaces

Schools, like all other building, produce trash and if there's anything we've learned while designing and organizing school spaces, it's the optimal way to dispose of it.  

These are our top 5 recommendations for best garbage cans for school spaces followed by our tried and true tips and best practices for managing the muck!

Schools are often tight on space, so go with the slim options. 

For high traffic areas, where the kiddos roam, rubber is the most common choice, but for a sleeker look stainless steel is always a step up.  

In offices and faculty break rooms (i.e. big people spaces), open top cans are the neatest option, and since the garbage is disposed of on a daily basis bad smells are generally not an issue. (Disclaimer: Even closed-top cans aren't effective against a teacher's fish lunch. C'mon people!)

Finally, we don't recommend step cans for commercial use. We've yet to meet one that can make it through a full school year!