How to Shake the Winter Blahs

When the first snow falls, it’s fun and games, snow angels and school closures, but 4 months in, the same snow looks a little less white (well, definitely grey if you’re a city dweller), the trek to school feels tougher, the early sunsets are more depressing, weekends feel shorter, and school days feel longer - the winter blahs are in full swing. 

How to Shake the Winter Blahs

Here's why the winter blahs can be so rough, especially on little ones, and a few small changes you can make to fight the sluggish, melancholic mood that settles a few months after the snow. 

The Effect of Less Light on Your Little Genius

- Moodiness
- Irritability
- Low energy
- Sleepiness
- SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
- Craving carbs (sweets or comfort food)
- Distraction and inability to concentrate


How to Shake the Winter Blahs

Small Changes, Big Shifts

Change the study setting

Sometimes a shift in environment can help alleviate the "same old, same old" feeling of the winter blues.  Move the desk to another wall.  Add a plant to your child's study space.  Change the location of the items on the desk around.  Buy brightly colored pens or pencils.  Add stickers. The goal is to shake things up. 

Up the H2O

Our kids aren't drinking enough water which causes fatigue and makes them more susceptible to colds. During the winter season, amp up hydration to curb that exhausted feeling and fight off runny noses.

Check out these fantastic ideas for getting them to drink more. 

Add Exercise

Physical activity has been proven to combat depression and is especially effective on short-term conditions like SAD. Even if the weather outdoors is atrocious, try incorporating some of these indoor options. 

- Easy-to-do yoga poses for kids
Stretching exercises kids can do at desks
- Activities and play dates with friends

We haven't found a kid yet who doesn't love to play in the snow, but if you're finding your little one less excited and more blah toward the end of winter, try a few of these tips for pushing through to the new spring months.