4 Schools Encouraging “Holiday” Values Year-Round

Tis’ the season when we make special efforts to impress the importance of empathy, kindness, generosity, equality and joy upon our children.

The most impactful learning environments, however, seamlessly incorporate these themes into their design year-round, making positive values a part of the way children begin to see the world, literally and figuratively, daily.  

These are some of the designs we are inspired by and a few we’ve incorporated in our own designs.

Kid-Smart Spaces

These are excellent examples of utilizing values-based design across campuses, classrooms and entire school systems. 

Pave Academy Charter School

If these are too large-scale for your scenario or budget, don't fret! Decals are a simple alternative to up the “happiness factor” in your school or classroom. (More on that in an upcoming post.)

Check websites, teachers' supply stores or make your own encouraging, impactful decor.