Kid-Smart Spaces™ by Foundations Design Group helps administrators and educators create environments that foster creativity and academic excellence using Professional Organization, Interior Design and Visual Branding. We're changing the way schools look and feel.

14 million children in the U.s. attend poorly designed schools in need of repair. *


2/3 of America's schools require preventative or corrective maintenance *


physical design can improve or worsen academic performance by as much as 25%. *

Our Mission

To create learning environments that inspire children to learn, create, and contribute.

Our Philosophy

The places children learn in shape them, and help them shape the world. 

Space, light, and movement are integral to wellness and success. 

Every child deserves beauty and inspiration in their daily life.

Our Team

Magalie Rene-Hayes Headshot

Founder + Designer, Magalie René-Hayes

“Schools are a natural fit because of the lineage of educators in my family (my great aunt, mother, and sister were teachers) who have always been fervent believers in educational equality. Those influences have given me the deep sense of responsibility I fulfill by serving students and bringing beauty and function to their spaces.”

Magalie René brings over 15 years of project management, marketing and design experience to FOUNDATIONS Design Group. Her time at The Ford Foundation - supporting sustainability and development initiatives - in one of New York City's oldest green buildings designed by renowned architect Kevin Roche, inspired the creation of FOUNDATIONS Design Group in 2012. Since then, Magalie has worked with school administrators and educators to improve their facilities. As a result, hundreds of students have inspiring physical spaces that support their academic achievement and help them discover the gifts they will use to make meaningful contributions to the world.  

Magalie has worked on a variety of residential, commercial, and institutional projects in the New York Tri-State area and Los Angeles.  She speaks on topics including personal growth, transitioning careers, and creating "Kid-Smart Spaces" at school and in the home.