"The everyday things we do in the classroom are deeply important, but sometimes, because they're often the most mundane, they're overlooked." - Doug Lemov, Teach Like a Champion (Interview with Kid-Smart Spaces)

Hi!  My name is Magalie René-Hayes. I've transformed many chaotic, depressing spaces but I've also seen beautiful classrooms arranged by great teachers.

Every child deserves to learn in a space that inspires them.  And every TEACHER deserves spaces that support the job they do!  Because let's keep it real, doing the world's most important job is no easy feat!

In this book I'll share my design and organization methods, key research on how design affects learning, and most importantly, tips from the teachers who do it best. 


YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS will create the opportunity to share this book with teachers across the country and touch the lives of countless students.

The proceeds will go to:

  • Transcription Services - to transcribe recordings including several expert interviews:  Dale Caldwell, CEO of The Village Charter a charter school in Trenton, NJ on its way to becoming a Blue Ribbon school despite it's location in one of the countries most challenged districts and Doug Lemov,  highly respected educator and author of Teach Like a Champion and Reading Reconsidered.
  • Editorial Services - 1. Developmental Editor who will evaluate and critique the manuscript, suggest and provide revisions to make sure everything flows and is consistent.  2. Copy Editor to catch spelling mistakes and adjust for grammar, punctuation and consistency.  Great editors charge what they're worth.  This book deserves great editors. 
  • Book Design + Layout - The cover design needs to be optimized for print, digital, thumbnail sizes, and designed on an e-readers/ mobile devices because readers judge how a book looks on a shelf and how it looks on an iPad or black-and-white Kindle. 
  • Printing - Books will mainly be printed on-demand however the goal is to print advanced copies to support marketing efforts including speaking engagements, editorial samples, gift/donations, and reviews.
  • Marketing/Publicity - The importance and impact of classroom and school design is still underestimated.  A publicist will help me spread the message behind this book far and wide. Because the more we educate and the more widely this information is shared, the more impact we have on policy-makers and on the education system.  
  • Photographer